Zoo Capital is a venture capital platform focused on the frontiers of technology and life sciences worldwide. We seek to collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs and business leaders on continually exploring emerging trends and identifying business opportunities. Our focus is on addressing both needs and pain points of the people, the businesses, and the society, as we strive to work together towards the collective goal of building dynamic and successful enterprises.

Empowering Startups for Sustainable Growth and Societal Impact

Equipped with professional investment and portfolio management experience, we seek to incubate and provide ongoing support to exceptional startups, assisting them in achieving long-term steady growth. In doing so, we aim to deliver attractive returns to our investors while also creating positive impact for society.

About Us

  • We are a team of disciplined and pragmatic investment professionals. We delve deeply into the fundamentals of each potential company and draw on our industry insights to support sustainable, high-quality businesses. Globally, we seek out for investment opportunities in the most promising technology and life sciences innovators.

Our Team

  • ZooCap is founded by all-rounded individuals who are persistent entrepreneurs, cross-domain knowledge seekers, and self-driven game changers.
  • ZooCap comprises of a diverse team of professionals coming from different walks of life in terms of upbringing, education, and work experience. At ZooCap, we believe that this diversity enables us to bring evolving insights and complementary capabilities to the table. Ultimately, it heightens our sensitivity to emerging investment opportunities in a changing world.
  • Despite the diversity, the ZooCap team is unified by common qualities. We are young, dynamic, energetic, and ambitious individuals, keen to understand the evolving demands and preferences of the younger generation, which puts us in unique positions to closely monitor market trends and identify promising opportunities.

Our Investment Portfolio

Connecting with Us

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